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Back in the blogosphere after a bit too long, but with a good excuse for not having picked up the thread where the Zodiac left us off a few months back….Next month sees the start (and indeed finish) of this year’s Portobello Film Festival: another landmark event from the team that brought you the world’s first ever internet film festival back in 1996 (or so it said on the flyer).
Originally the brainchild of Jonathan ‘JB’ Barnett, himself the long term collaborator of Kingston Zodiac discoverer and Glastonbury Zodiac documentor Mary Caine, Jonathan’s ideas of setting up his own pirate television station, Portobello Pirate TV, back in the nineteen nineties, were to lay the foundations for what was eventually to become the film festival; through the development of his own unique style of underground film making. As a tribute to his pioneering work as an underground film maker, my own independent film production outfit, Merlinhedd Films, has put together an accessible dvd video showcase of his work, some of which will be viewable during the course of the Festival both on my Youtube channel and at:
In the coming weeks, when the Festival is over, we’ll be back on track along the Road to Whiteleafed Cross……  
  ‘JB Gets Blown Out’ from the ‘Melody Maker’ article on his ‘Rough Guide to the Warwick’ series of videos shot in and around Portobello’s Warwick Castle Pub during the late nineteen eighties and early nineteen nineties. 

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A lineal descendant of Captain Robert Ferguson (1719-1799) the older brother of the great Scottish Enlightenment Philosopher and historian Adam Ferguson (1723-1816); the friend of Hume, Gibbon and Adam Smith. Also related to the great feminist author and playwright Rachel Ferguson. Have written extensively on a vast range of subjects, published in print as book author and in various journals and magazines into the bargain. Early work as an underground film maker on the early Goa Trance and radical anti-CJB political scene in the 1990s has since become more refined and ambitious and I am now a regular contributor to such high profile events as the Portobello Film Festival Annual Film Maker's Convention.....:
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