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This installment of my ongoing blog follows the sad news related to me last friday that Mary Caine, Kingston-upon-Thames’s foremost Astrologer and historian, has now passed from this world into the next. Mrs. Caine herself is perhaps most deservedly famous for her discovery of the so called ‘Kingston Zodiac’, a vast terrestrial zodiacal circle created out of the very landscape itself and bounded by a series of roads, rivers, natural features and earthworks; over which the Ecliptic, or Planisphere, can be perfectly imposed: as if by some awesome feat of psychogeographic engineering.
Amongst Mrs. Caine’s other claims to fame was her continuation of the work of the great early twentieth century artist and sculptress, Katherine Maltwood, whose investigations into the Grail Traditions of Somerset and Avon led to the discovery of the Glastonbury Zodiac: Kingston’s West Country original and equivalent. Her film tribute of Katherine Maltwood, ‘The Glastonbury Giants’, was a first of its kind in the true sense of the word and has done much to increase our understanding of the true significance of this ancient, and universally acknowledged spiritual centre.
The embedded extract from my ‘Legendary London: London’s Living Da Vinci Code’ examines the relationship between both Zodiacs in the context of their original preservation by the ruthlessly suppressed Order of the Knights Templar. Long may her literary legacy live on!  
    Idealized sketch map of Mary Caine’s Kingston Zodiac. 

  For more about Mary Caine’s books and videos and how to obtain them, click here and follow the links for full details of contact numbers and addresses:




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