Premiere Screening Of My Next Two Film Projects

  Hello There Everyone,
Sorry for the delay in updating this blog, but I’ve been busy with the edits and voice overs for the next two films in my ‘Legendary London’ series of dvds: ‘Voices of Albion: Levellers, Luddites, Diggers and Dongas in Traditional and Contemporary Folklore’ and ‘Strange Myths of King’s Cross’ both of which are scheduled to be shown in this coming month’s Portobello Film Festival Second Annual Film Maker’s Convention; details of which can be obtained by hitting this link:
Many of the concepts behind much of the content of both of these projects have been inspired by the life and work of the great visionary poet and radical thinker William Blake, the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of whose birth, appropriately enough, is today. As is often the case with so much of my output, all of those who have seen the short minute long promotional clips that I have sent out to various e-mail boxes over the past few weeks, and who have included the likes of Rottingdean’s Singing Copper Family, and various former members and associate members of Luton’s Exodus Collective, not to mention the incomparable ‘DJ Skorpi’, have expressed their delight at the quality of what’s been sent; so no complaints there it seems. 
In the meantime, there will be an update to this blog as and when I have a definite date for the showing of both films; which are due to be shown on the same date and seem to be getting a fairly high promotional profile as there is a still from one of them currently adorning the top of the Festival’s web site home page at the moment. Quite an ego boost I can assure you.
And, there’ll be another free promotional extract from my forthcoming book on ‘Legendary London’, which has now been approved for personal dedication by the incomparable Glenda Jackson MP. The manuscript for this little endeavour, which is running at close to a thousand published pages at the moment, is due to be finished by and for January 6th; so there’ll doubtless be a delay of some kind on the blogging front whilst all that is got under control.
So, until the next time, goodbye for now, and keep up the Good Work!   

About tartantombraider

A lineal descendant of Captain Robert Ferguson (1719-1799) the older brother of the great Scottish Enlightenment Philosopher and historian Adam Ferguson (1723-1816); the friend of Hume, Gibbon and Adam Smith. Also related to the great feminist author and playwright Rachel Ferguson. Have written extensively on a vast range of subjects, published in print as book author and in various journals and magazines into the bargain. Early work as an underground film maker on the early Goa Trance and radical anti-CJB political scene in the 1990s has since become more refined and ambitious and I am now a regular contributor to such high profile events as the Portobello Film Festival Annual Film Maker's Convention.....:
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