‘London’s Living Da Vinci Code’

This week’s blog entry is intended as a quick last minute plug for the forthcoming showing of the latest film in my ‘Legendary London’ series of independent productions: this time on the subject of ‘London’s Living Da Vinci Code’. So what is the relevance of this seemingly Dan Brownite reference to the study and propagation of native indiginous folk and musical traditions you are by now asking yourself?
Well, strange as it may seem, some of London’s earliest historical legends, such as the mythical foundation of the City at the tail end of the Second Millennium B.C. by a Trojan adventurer named Brutus, were to act as a major influence upon the sixteenth and seventeenth century composers of some England’s oldest, although at the same time obscurist, folk ballads: a number of which were eventually to be incorporated into the collection of Thomas Percy Bishop of Dromore: compiler of the incomparable ‘Percy’s Reliques’.
Amongst the subjects dealt with in this latest of my groundbreaking documentaries is that of the Kingston Zodiac: London’s legendary prehistoric star temple; which was itself dealt with briefly during the course of November 23rd’s entry in this fortnightly or so blog. Strange as it may seem, some of the hidden aspects of the largely vanished or obscured folk traditions connected with this strange and curious series of roads, rivers, hills and earthworks, laid out by prehistoric man for reasons which are still unclear, appear to have influenced the composers of ‘When I Was A Little Boy’; a strange and curious folk song taken from the no less incomparable Williams and Lloyd back catalogue: a fact which will be dealt with in verse by verse detail over the next few entries of this blog: 
"When I was a little boy to London I did go,
But now I’ve turned a roguish blade, my courage it will show.
My feet was on the table, sir, my head was hanging down,
And, I jumped over Kingston’s Hill and never touched the ground,
With my tooral laddy, whack fol laddy, tooral looral ling.
I bought myself a little bull about three inches high;
The people all admired me, its for me to hear him cry.
The people all admired me for he made such an awful sound,
He made the steeple of St. Paul’s Church come tumbling to the ground
With my tooral laddy, whack fol laddy, tooral looral ling.
I bought myself a flock of sheep and most of them were wethers;
Sometimes they bought me fine wool, sometimes they brought me feathers.
They were as fine a flock, sir, as anyone could possess,
For every month or six weeks’ time they brought me six lambs apiece,
With my tooral laddy, whack fol laddy, tooral looral ling.
I bought myself a little hen, and of her I took great care;
I set her on a mussel shell and she hatched me out a hare.
The hare grew up a milk-white steed about eighteen yards high,
And if anyone tell you a bigger story, I’ll tell you it’s a bloody lie.
With my tooral laddy, whack fol laddy, tooral looral ling.
I bought myself a little box about three acres square;
I stowed it into my breeches pocket, the guineas they were there.
Now the people all admired me, thanked me for what I’d done,
And they gave me a portion of silver and gold about ten thousand ton.
With my tooral laddy, whack fol laddy, tooral looral ling.   
Details of the Screening of ‘Legendary London: London’s Living Da Vinci Code’ at the Inn on the Green, London W10 between 7.00 and 8.00 p.m. as part of the Winter Portobello Film Festival, are given in full on the attached extracts from the festival programme.

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